WhatsApp Goes Through Judicial Revolving Door in Brazil

WhatsApp; a phenomenal messenger and social network owned by Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and messenger in the world.  With it is easy to use interface and very entertaining features it most popular messenger all across the globe.

Some Features of WhatsApp

 WhatsApp is owned by Facebook not too long ago, and its user is increased to very high numbers, and this is because of the great features that are enabled in it such as the instant photo-sharing which is probably the best on all the social networks and messenger. You can share photos on WhatsApp at very high speed. Same is the case with videos, in other messengers; video sharing is quite a long task, and video take a fair amount of time to upload and then sent to others but in WhatsApp it is quite easy and quick. Some others features like audio messages, the vast range of emotions, and the groups is the primary causes of its popularity. But in Brazil the WhatsApp have been facing some legal issues due to various reasons.

Some Legal Allegations on WhatsApp In Brazil

The biggest problem that the WhatsApp is facing is the claim that is WhatsApp provide data considered critical to the investigation which came after a “ramp up in the level of encryption” which was integrated into the app. and in this regards five major companies which were internet service providers face a massive amount of US$ 142,000 daily if they don’t follow the order by the court. This problem is getting quite popular in Brazil. Earlier this year; Facebook vice-president was jailed for a day because of not providing messaging data to legal authorities in a prior drug case but according to WhatsApp official; they could not provide access to messages which are asked by the legal authorities. This was the issue behind the blockage of WhatsApp in the country. But thankfully another Brazilian court overturned the order to block the WhatsApp just a few days back, and this decision was appreciated widely by many users in the Brazil and WhatsApp officials also. According to the WhatsApp officials; the ban resulted in more that 100 million users of WhatsApp to lose access from their most loved messenger and this situation was getting worse day by day, but thankfully this ban has been lifted, and WhatsApp is back online and accessible to all the users in Brazil.