HTC 10 Wins Heaps of Praise From The Users

HTC is very famous and renowned mobile company, and it has made some great mobiles and especially smartphones though it cannot reach the level of top companies like APPLE and SAMSUNG still HTC has produced some high-class Android smartphones as well as some Windows operating smartphones, but they get the real success from their Android smartphones and Last week they launched a new sensation namely HTC10. With its arrival in the market, it has been widely appreciated by the users of all the classes and most of the mobile experts and critics have rated this smartphone as the best smartphone ever HTC has made. Its stylish and elegant design is making it even more beautiful therefore in a very short span of time it has won the hearts of many peoples and users are appreciating it and buying it at a very high rate which is signs of some good fortune for the HTC. Some of the key specs and features of this smartphone are discussed below.

The Best Camera Phone Ever!

The deepest and attractive part of this smartphone is it smart and incredibly fantastic camera and according to most of the experts, it is by far the best camera phone ever HTC has made, and some of the experts are even rating its camera as one of the best camera phones of the world. This camera is equipped with larger sensors and over 12 million new generation ultra pixels. And most importantly both its front and rear camera sport the world’s very first optically stabilized and larger-aperture F/1.8 lenses. Which allows it to become faster and laser autofocus and most importantly its front ultra selfie camera has wide-angle lens and screen flash and according to HTC officials this smartphone can take sharp, high-resolution photos even in low light which is considered to be it plus point.

Some Other Features and Its Rating:

Along with its great camera, it has other several features like its booming sound feature and good quality hardware performance. But according to most of the experts, they say that this phone will not give a great competition to its other rival companies like SAMSUNG and IPHONE. It will be a challenge to these companies, but this phone will not give a great match to these companies, but there are chances this phone will change the fortunes of this company.